Here's a photo of my latest ride. It's a 1973 850 Commando which was in poor cosmetic shape when I got it but had only 11,000 miles. After getting my spare wheel hubs and covers polished, I got spokes and rims from Buchanan and laced them up and installed them. I'd had this exhaust system in my garage attic for years waiting for this bike to come along. When I installed the automatic cam chain tensioner, my timing light told me it was a good thing. I also installed Amal Mk II carbs which give better idling and a little more power. Another modification that I found necessary was to the master cylinder which has been resleeved and now can make the bike slow down like it should.

The torque was great but the handling was not up to my Atlas spec, it had a tendency to weave at speeds over eighty mph so I started by upgrading the isolastics to vernier adjustment. Next I put in an isolastic head steady and modification to the cradle where the swing arm spindle goes through, to hold the spindle tighter. Some difference but still not up to featherbed standard (I've been spoiled by my Atlas). The final piece was the conversion to Mark III swingarm. It took a little doing but the handling has been transformed not only high speed but cornering as well. I prefer right side shift and so I think this is the best of all Commandos and the most rideable British bike of all time.

My bike on vacation in upper New York State this summer, a 1,000 mile weekend !

and of course, some other bikes......